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The Bandicoot rat is a giant rat of southern Asia and can be up to 40cms long, including the tail. Bandicoot rats pose a significant health risk to humans, both adults and babies, as well as to our pets.

They spread of many common diseases, such as Salmonella, Weil's disease, E.coli and TB, is attributed to Bandicoot rats. They also carry fleas, mites, plague, and ticks and can cause acute allergic reactions.

Bandicoot Rats in the Home or Garden

Bandicoot rats feed mainly on insects, larvae, grass seeds and fruits in lawn and garden. Construct burrows in garden plants and enter into your building. It is extremely serious if bandicoot rats are getting into your home even if they are not entering a direct living area. Any bandicoot rat problem inside the home must be treated urgently, not only to prevent the spread of disease but also because they are extremely aggressive if threatened.

Bandicoot rats are a pest in gardens and other external areas particularly those growing cereal crops. Not only do Bandicoot rats need to be removed from gardens – and prevented from returning – to minimize damage and spread of disease but also as the first line of defense in preventing them from entering your home by immediate knockdown.Special care is needed for properties with integral garages or with dog or cat flaps as bandicoot rats can use these to get into the home.

Signs of a Bandicoot Rat Problem

  • Nest : Bandicoot rats are known to build nests in warm, hidden places and even under houses, in roof spaces, garages etc. They use shredded material such as newspaper and fabrics.
  • Burrows : In gardens, bandicoot rats will dig burrows especially in compost heaps or under sheds. They will also build nests under garden decking.
  • Damage to plants and crops : Especially cereal and grain crops.

How to Keep Bandicoot Rats Away

The first defense against a bandicoot rat entering your home or an infestation by them is to proof your home. Ensure there are no gaps around windows or doors that bandicoots can get through and if necessary fill these with bristle strip. It is important not to attract bandicoot rats with food – store food in plastic or metal containers and regularly clean under cookers and fridges. Outdoors, ensure household refuse is kept in closed bins, do not put meat into compost heaps and use squirrel-proof bird feeders.

How to Get Rid of Bandicoot Rats

If action is not taken to rid your home and/or garden of Bandicoot rats, they will soon take over! A wide range of products are available in stores for dealing with bandicoot rats in low risk areas, but we recommend treatment by one of our service technicians for bandicoot rat activity in living areas of your home or close proximity to your home.

Professional Bandicoot Rat Control

APSPL products and services are a cost effective way to control bandicoot rat problems in low risk areas, professional pest control is required for high risk areas, more established bandicoot colonies or where there is a repeated infestation. APSPL service technicians provide highly targeted treatment to deal with any bandicoot rat problem and will advise on how to keep your home free of bandicoot rats in the future.